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Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scales,In Black

Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen ScalesThis is a review for our new Smart Weigh GLS20 ~ Digital, Glass Top, Kitchen Scales,In Black

I was extremely sceptical of these new fangled “toys ” as I described them to my wife, much preferring our old balance scales, with a lovely dish and a selection of weights.

Judi, my wife has been using digital scales for a long time now, as a technology teacher, ( Cookery classes!) In this modern age she has to keep up to date, and to be fair she was getting more than a little disgruntled at my staid approach.

She was cross because in every other area of life I have always been an early adopter, but in this area I was being stubborn.

Now Judi was fortunate to find an offer of a discounted set of scales in exchange for our honest review, otherwise I am sure I would still have baulked at the idea… Anyway yes we were able to get these scales at a discount, do not let that worry you over the authenticity of the review though. I am anti anyway, and I always review things in an unbiased way as I see no point in doing otherwise.


The Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scales,In Black ~ What Are They?

Exactly what they say they are. A sleek set of kitchen or work top scales. ( The First job I used them for was actually in our office to weigh the outgoing mail, accurate? TICK)

Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen ScalesThey come complete with batteries, and an easy to understand set of instructions.

Two buttons, and a readout. Seems to be sturdily made, NOTE of warning from the instructions… Do Not immerse in water, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

The Scales weigh in

  • Grammes,
  • Ounces,
  • Pounds and Ounces,
  • Ml of water and milk, and
  • Cups  and fractions of cups of water and milk

Easy to switch on, and you can zero the scales easily when you add your own bowl /plate to hold that which you are weighing. They seem to be accurate, I haven't done the anal comparison between our old scales and these on everything… but they consistently weigh flour in comparison to the old ones… and these weigh paper easily and letters so an improvement.

The Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scales,In Black ~ What I Didn't like…

Look I will be honest, I was anti these scales from when Judi borrowed a set from work, so I really wanted to Not Like these.

I was determined that the constant beeping would annoy me… it doesn't, what beeps there are, are unobtrusive. I wanted the readout to be small and tricky… it isn't! I can even manage to read it with out my glasses!

I was sure they were going to be cheaply made and feel flimsy… They don't!

I really struggled to come up with anything I did not like… and my only real gripe is they do not look like our old scales, which we inherited from My Mum anyway, ( who probably inherited then too!)


The Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scales,In Black ~ What I Did like…

Well, everything I could not fault, became a reason to like these scales. I am sure they will not outlast My Mums old Avery's, but I will live with that. The Smart Weigh GLS20 ~ Digital, Glass Top, Kitchen Scales,In Black are sleek stylish, and do the job. The build quality seems to be excellent so far, and as already stated the readout is just great. Being able to switch quickly and easily from cups to grammes and back to ounces is fabulous, as so many recipes are Multi lingual in terms of measurement, so at last we do not need to be doing sums to make sure we are measuring the right amounts.

The Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scales,In Black ~In Conclusion

OK I have been dragged into the modern era in my last refuge of nostalgia. I didn't want to like these scales, I only suffered them because we got a discount in exchange for an honest review, and because my wife was sick and tired of the old scales we have used for so long.

In conclusion. I love them, they are versatile, do what they say are they are going to do, they match the colour scheme in the kitchen! Seriously, these are a great set of digital scales. To Be blunt I am comparing them to an old Avery balance, but they stood up to that, and came through looking good.

If you are looking for some modern digital scales, then I thoroughly recommend trying these…

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