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Natural Psoriasis – Eczema Treatment – Acne – Oil Therapy

Magic OilI have lost my patience with Doctors, I think I have stopped being viable. You know when the value of treating you is still worth it? Well I am the other side of halfway thro my 50's and seem to be seeing more of my GP than I have done ever before. All the little niggles that haunt us as we age.  Lets face it we do not do old age well in the UK anyway.

So I have been having a terrible time with a rash under both armpits, not pleasant, very painful, and slightly annoying as it has stopped me swimming everyday, which has been very damaging to my weight loss program.

So I went to the Doc, who prescribed antibiotics, as the area was infected as well…

I had been treating it as Grown up Nappy rash with Sudocreme… and other topical creams,

But the infection got a good hold.

The antibiotics cleared the infection, but the rash did not go away, and the doctor shrugged and virtually said live with it …

So after a quiet recommendation I went on the hunt for an alternative and the Natural way was deffo what I wanted.

Now I have to say I received a discount on this product, in exchange for my honest review, but to be frank if it works I would happily pay full price. Look I never recommend anything I wouldn't use myself, and if it doesn't work, believe me I will share that here, look I only got it today so I cannot say Yes CURED… Lets be honest… but I am giving it a fair trial… so I will post after pictures in 10 or 20 days.

I have attached a before picture,  I also showed  the packaging, which I was impressed with. The instructions are clear and there was seal on the bottle to re-assure me that no one else had used it before me.
I will come back with an after picture… I just hope this oil does the job… as I am sick & tired of the rash under my arms.

I hope it works

I am sure it will