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Suaoki™~Compact Led Camping Lantern

Solar Powered LED Camping LaternAs I mentioned the other day in a review, my son Max is off into the wilds… I have been offered this Compact LED Camping Latern ~ By Suaoki™ at a big discount in exchange for my unbiased review. Well I am happy to do that for this item as it outstrips expectation in every area.


So this is my review for the Compact LED Camping Latern ~ By Suaoki™


Compact Led Camping Lantern By Suaoki™ ~ What Is It?

This is a compact, solar powered, LED light, and phone charger. It also has the ability to store charge so you can pre charge it an advance from your pc or any usb charge point. When it is fully charged, you can have a good light source for the evening, or an emergency charge for your mobile via the usb charge point… built in light to see what you are doing too.

As can be seen from the picture the lamp which is about the diameter of a standard enamel camping  mug will expand top the height of the same sort of mug… to give a generous pool of light, or you can use it in the collapsed state as a torch.

The Charger will charge from stored energy or direct from the sun light, but understand this is an emergency source of charge and at 800mAhr it will be a slow job if you have a modern phone as their quick charge demands a source of 2 Ahr so it will take time… but if you turn all the power absorbing phone functions you will be able to text and call fairly quickly.

Compact Led Camping Lantern By Suaoki™ ~ What I Like

I love this lamp, it produces a  lovely bright light, that will cheer any camp up, On the bright setting you can easily read, the less bright setting will allow you to see easily to do the camp site chores and there is a 3rd mode of a flashing light to act as an emergency signal.

But that is only the start, this is a solar charge point, and will happily charge your phone directly from the sunlight.

If you are on your lap top with a lot of charge you can also re-charge the Compact LED Camping Latern ~ By Suaoki™ from your lap top, obviously it will shorten your lap top battery life, but if you need a light source to cook your tea with … then this a great solution for you.

Compact Led Camping Lantern By Suaoki™ ~ What I Don't Like

Not a lot really, look this is a compact LED camping light, it has probably more technology in it's little body than the first unmanned space rocket, the lithium battery has a long life and will hold plenty of charge, it is well made and I can only say the Green is bit bright… but you will not lose it!

Compact Led Camping Lantern By Suaoki™ ~ In Conclusion

The Compact LED Camping Latern ~ By Suaoki™, yes I was able to get hold of mine at a big discount, in exchange for this review, again the look on my sons face was enough proof to me that this was another hit. Really light weight, compact, and yet producing a powerful light, and phone charger… what is not to like? I am so pleased I was able to get hold of one of these for Max… to be honest having tried this one I realise I could have bought one and had fabulous value for money, certainly Max is recommending these to his friends

If you want to buy one for yourself Click here