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Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bags

Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear BagThe Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bag, if you are any where near water for your job or hobby, and you want to be sure to keep some things bone dry, You Need This.

I sail for my hobby, and part of the deal at my local sailing club is that as members we have to perform safety or race management duties every so often during the season. I have spent many cold and wet afternoons bouncing around on the lake in a RIB or on the Committee boat, wishing I had taken some extra gloves or may be a scarf. I will be honest I sometimes look like the Michelin Man when I go afloat, with so many layers on “just in Case it turns Nippy Later!”…

This approach is great, but if you are over dressed and need to shed some layers, you need to be able to keep the clothing you remove dry … in case you need it later in the day  The Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bag is the soloution.

This great bag has a very generous 20 litre capacity, and does really give you a waterproof seal… in fact if you dropped it over the size it would float as well as keep your stuff dry.

I have just come back from a fortnight of race management, where keeping things I need during the day,safe and dry is an essential. * hours on a race course, with no dry storage is difficult, the huge bonus of getting a dry pack for my phone too is hugely appreciated.

Now do not get me wrong I am not a huge fan of taking my phone sailing, when I am afloat for sport I want the phone switched of and locked away, I do not want the interruptions… but, Imagine you were leading an expedition and needed a phone for safety reasons, it would be worse than useless if it got wet wouldn't it?

The Dry Pouch that comes withThe Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bag  is superb, it is see through, and on my phone I can still access the phone without removing it from the bag. I also kept a credit card and some cash in their with my phone to protect against all emergencies.

The Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bag, is a must have for you if you spend any time at all near water or snow, in fact in any environment that could damage things , including sand, dust, dirt, muddy fields like Festivals… this bag is just the right size to act a save all natty bag , to keep your important bits safe and dry.

I was very lucky to get this set at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review, to be honest I can see me buying another couple as well as my sons both sail, my daughters boyfriend sails too, we all seem to spend a lot of time in on or around water… The Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear Bag , is the best solution I have found to keeping my precious dry bits safe… If you are looking for a well made, durable bag of this kind yourself, Unigear Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Gear BagI have absolutely no problem recommending this. There is a great choice of colours available, and I really do love this bag…


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