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The Buddha Board

The Buddha Board…

Buddha BoardI was Introduced to this on A Wake Up Call Yesterday and Rich Reed From The DEA Events team ( Maestro) shared with us this great tool.

It is a fabulous Idea.

It is basically an Art Board that when you Paint or Draw on it with simple water …

You get an image but that image disappears when the water Dries out.

This is The product Description From Amazon

Paint a picture using just water then watch it slowly evaporate, leaving you with a clean slate.

Simply paint on the surface with water and watch your thoughts come alive.

As the water slowly evaporates, your creation fades, leaving the board clean and ready for new ideas.

Based on the Zen idea of living in the moment.

Includes brush; just add water; have a moment of Zen anywhere. “Magical” board records your thoughts before “freeing” them into the world.

I was enthralled at this way of dissipating any negative emotion, literally painting them out and watching them fade away.

I watched as Rich Described it and determined there and then to get one as it was a far better way of getting rid of emotions.

I loved the principle and Now I have one ( Thanks Amazon Prime )I love it even more …

In a convenient fold away “LapTop Style” This can travel any where with you

Lightweight and convenient It now sits in pride of place next to my computer

Ready to bring me back into the now

If you would like to own your own Buddha Board

They are available from

Just click this link


I have only had mine for a morning and I love it already


Steve Greenhalgh

Mosiso Travel Umbrella

Mosiso Travel UmbrellaThis is my review for the  Mosiso Travel Umbrella

During the recent hi-winds my wife had her umbrella blow inside out and the canopy tear. So when I was offered this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review, and when I read this in the description

“Made of strong iron centre pole and 8-rib corrosion-resistant iron frame, this umbrella can enhance its windproof effect, prevent it from flipping inside out and maintain the elegant round shape.”

I jumped at the chance.

The  Mosiso Travel Umbrella, is light weight and compact so it sits neatly in the door compartment of my wife's car. 

It folds away very easily, and has a sheath to keep it in it's compact state, and also stops dribbling after use.

My wife loves the automatic button to put it up, it means she can put the umbrella out of the car with just one hand and press the button… so she doesn't get wet putting up and can keep a hand on the car door at the same time.

The pattern is cheerful, but more important distinctive, the number of times my wife has “lost” umbrellas when some one else picks them up is legendary in my house … in fact the kids all laughed when we took delivery of this one … she really does seem to lose a lot!

Overall My wife really likes the Mosiso Travel Umbrella. It is well made, and sturdy, ( I doubt she would risk it in a hurricane, but then she would not go out!) and the auto function as I say is a blessing for her.


She has use it many times in the last week since taking delivery and I am very happy to report that she is really pleased with it.


To Get yours Click Here

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother

Milk Frother This is my review for the My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother .

It is not the first time I have one of these little whisks, but I am already loving this one.

I am a big coffee drinker, ( English! I am big and I drink coffee,or,  I drink a lot of coffee!) and one of my personal goals is to have “still®” in my kitchen so I can steam milk to get the froth, but until then this little gadget does the job just as well.

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What Is It?

The My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother is a small, hand held, cordless whisk, with a built in tight spiral whisk. You can use this to aerate hot milk for your coffee, helping you to re-create lovely cappucinos and Latte's. It's long stainless steel whisk enables you froth for more than one portion at a time, and as it cordless, you are free to use it any where.

The handle is lovely soft grip, which is contoured to fit most hands, as a left hander by the way it felt comfortable to use in either hand, some thing I have had problems with in the past, in the right handed orientated word we live in.

TastyRunning off two AA batteries, which are included… LOOK IN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT, before stomping of to the battery drawer! They come sealed in plastic to make sure you can use them on arrival.

The long whisk and the power of the motor would mean you could use this for a multitude of kitchen tasks, like salad dressings, eggs, cream, you name it, if it is light and needs a whisk then this baby will do the job. A friend of mine used his for prepping epoxy resins in his work shop… just make sure you have a good solvent if you do this with yours, I would also suggest putting a collar of paper around the stem to prevent the glue entering the motor…


My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What I Do Not Like.

Not a great deal to be honest, the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow, and it does what it is meant to do

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What I like


I love the handle of My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother , it is really comfy, it fits my hand well and is secure in my grip. The button is precise and cannot be hit accidentally as it is on the end not the side, the whisk wire comes off easily enough and is easy to rinse … I do not think I would use this for multiple flavours as I would worry that my coffee would taste of meringue, however priced as they are, I do believe I would buy more to have one for each job…Talking of buying I was very lucky to be able to get this one at a discount in exchange for my honest review, all that said I will buy another so I have one for coffee and one for Oils and Kitchen stuff… If you are looking to buy one You can click HERE

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, In Conclusion

If you are looking for a small hand held whisk, to either froth your milk or in fact for any other blending job, then I can highly recommend The My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother


Click Here to Buy One Now

Women’s Flats, Foldable With EXPANDABLE TOTE Bag

20150611_175703I have 5 starred these Women's Flats Foldable with EXPANDABLE TOTE Bag

… I know, how do you Love this Steve?
Hands up I don't, but My Wife does!

Happy wife > great life! I was able to get hold of these Women's flats Foldable with EXPANDABLE TOTE Bag, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased review. I knew we were going to a wedding this Saturday and my wife loves her heels. However I know by 10 pm she is usually in bare feet, with her heels discarded or on her arm like some sort of demonic bracelet…

Well we got a two in one solution, not only do the shoes fold up tiny so My wife can get them in her handbag, but they also come in a cute little purse, which transforms into  a generous tote bag that will easily accommodate her heels! RESULT

Now she has just tried them on in the house, and fell in love with them straight away. The material is soft and gentle to her feet, they fit snugly so she can carry on dancing, but most importantly she likes them and that means she will wear them…

Excellent product, well made … also came on time , in simple packaging… what else can you ask for.

If You or some one you know likes to dance but cannot manage a full day in heels   then these Women's flats Foldable with EXPANDABLE TOTE Bag  will probably be the solution for you too.

deffo 5 stars

If you want to buy a set for yourself

Click the link


Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range

Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance RangeThe  Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range, arrived bang on time, and was very well wrapped.
I had some serious shoulder surgery in the last two years and I have lost the grip in my left hand.

Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range~ What it does?

The Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range, does exactly what it says it does, if you follow the instructions. You use it for strengthening the grip in your hands, great for tennis or squash players golfers, any area of life where a good firm grip is needed, so may be even a brick layer , or if you were like me and recovering from surgery.

My Doctor recommended I find some sort of grip Strengthener. I was very lucky to get a discount coupon for this Zivalo Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range, in exchange for my unbiased review. That said I will only ever write about things as I find them, and will never recommend anything I do not use.

Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range~What I didn't like

Well not a lot to be honest. The adjustment is precise, the grip is solid, and feels well made, if I do have a gripe I would say I would prefer a different colour, but look, it works and is certainly not meant as a fashion statement, so hardly a huge fault.

Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range ~ What I Like

This Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance Range, only arrived yesterday, and I can not honestly say it has worked miracles yet… however first impressions are looking good. There is a good range of tensions, the adjustments are precise, and it is well made.

A nice finish providing a firm grip I am sure this will really help getting the strength back to my left side …

I am really pleased with this Grip Strengthener… If You would like to buy one too

Follow this link