Paracord Survival Carabiner

Paracord Survival CarabinerThis is my review for Paracord Survival Carabiner

My Younger son is a great outdoors survivalist type hiker, loves getting by on the minimum of “stuff” so I have been looking for something I can give him that will fit into the ethos of his trips.

I am sure in many ways he has all the things contained in this kit distributed around his pack… but this little paracord package would happily clip onto a belt loop and not get in the way, so he will always have the bare essentials with him.

The Paracord Survival Carabiner~What is it?

The Paracord Survival Carabiner is exactly what it says it is. A carabiner ( chunky clip) with a survival package carefully wrapped up with a few metres of parachute cord… I believe people whose hobby making things out of paracord is … call this braiding, there are countless patterns … I have done a review on 100 metre pack of paracord myself. I did not use that to make little packages or bracelets but actually for making useful things like washing lines, guy ropes for temporary shelters. This cord is dramatically strong in relation to its weight.

Now I cannot open this bundle as it would be very difficult to get it back together, so it really is a one time use device, however the package contains a link to a registration page where  you activate your life time guarantee, they also send you a free contents pack too … The gift that keeps giving… I like it already.

The Pack contains

  • Fishing Hooks x2
  • Fishing Line
  • Fishing weights & Floats
  • Swivels
  • A Flint Rod & Tinder
  • Tin Foil
  • Alcohol pad
  • Knife blade
  • 12 feet of paracord
  • The Carabiner
  • Iron wire
  • a couple of safety Pins and needles

The list looks pretty mundane, but if you imagine being in a survival situation, it is normally the mundane that you cannot substitute or improvise.

The Variations of the uses are endless, and only a true survivalist will see the true potential… but to me I reckon if it is not in there it is probably not needed.

The Paracord Survival Carabiner~What I Don't Like

I am struggling here to be honest, I could say the instructions are a bit tiny, you get a two sided printed card with all the instructions contained on. When I gave it to my son, he was really chuffed and could read the card with no need for reading glasses… Ah the reality of old age!

Anyway Max was able to read and understand the instructions, and has registered on the site for his life time guarantee so I reckon it is my eyes, NOT the card.

The Paracord Survival Carabiner~What I Do Like

Look I will be honest with you, I was offered this kit at a discount in exchange for my honest review, I was a bit lost before I saw it as to how I was going to be able to review something I really did not truly understand, but just seeing the delight on my sons face made it worth while, and in effect gave me the best review for this great bit of kit.

Being able to review Paracord Survival Carabiner  just before Max's next expedition, means I am able to send him away with a little bit more in his armoury against Nature. This little Grenade of paracord contains so many useful things, even with a one time use ( this is made plain on the packaging) in so much as you can re-use everything, it is just that once the package is untied it is difficult to re-wrap it all. That really does not matter.

Knowing the things you NEED to survive are all there on your belt in a simple lightweight pack, that need never leave your side, certainly gives me peace of mind as I send my son off into the wild… Look he is no Walter Scott, but he is a young man who likes to check out of the modern techno world and get back to nature… I know with the Paracord Survival Carabiner, he will always have the essentials to survive.


If you have a survivalist in your family or circle of friends, I truly do feel that they would be better prepared for all eventualities with this bit of kit clipped on their belt …

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