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SpartaCord – Very Strong Rope! – 550 Type III Paracord (MIL-C-5040H Parachute Cord)

Sparta CordThis is a Review about SpartaCord – Very Strong Rope!

I have been looking for some paracord for a while, and was delighted when I was offered this pack of Spartacord for a discount in exchange for my review.
Please do not allow that fact to undervalue this review, I only review things I like, trust and use, and I have to say I like this pack.

SpartaCord – Very Strong Rope! ~ What I Like

I use a lot of paracord for making temporary sun shades and fly sheets for our caravan and boat trailers when we are away, and I was running out. I really object to using hi spec rope from a chandlers for these jobs,as it is ridiculously expensive, so I was particularly looking for paracord…it is relatively inexpensive, is very versatile and has great strength qualities. Also experience teaches that knots grip well, and That ropes like SpartaCord – very strong rope, are preshrunk, so there is never any embarrassing twangs as a cord gets wet and shrinks, whilst under-load and snaps!.

I had run out as my youngest daughter got into making bracelets, well there is nearly a hundred feet in this pack of SpartaCord – Very strong rope, so she will be able to make plenty of bracelets and leave me enough for sun shades and fly sheets…

Nicely packed in a simple bag, came right on schedule, what else can I hope for.

Top Product , very happy with it… if you are looking for some parachute cord then I highly recommend, SpartaCord – Very Strong Rope!

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