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Apexel 20x HD Macro Lens

Apexel 20x HD Macro LensI have recently been offered theĀ Apexel 20x HD Macro Lens, to test and review. In my younger days I did a lot of SLR photographer, and used my macro lenses as much as my others… I love the way you achieve close up detail without the expected distortion.


To be honest I have shied away from this sort of photographer with my phone. However as the quality of my phone camera has got better and better, the more I have been tempted to ZOOM IN!

So I have been given this lens at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. Please do not think that the discount will influence the review, I tell things as I see them.

Apexel 20x HD Macro Lens~What is it?

This delightful 20 x Macro lens is a very simple concept, in that you have optically ground, securely and accurately held clip on lens. It quickly clips on your phone, in a very safe way with no possibility of damage ( which to be honest I was conscious of). If you look at the Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 16.33.33image from the listing you can see the way the clip protects your phone body, and camera lens.

I will keep mine handy in a small pouch.

Look this means I can take the quality of images that I used to need a full SLR with a lens and macro rings, and probably a tripod as the light needed for clarity would mean a high film speed, to avoid wobble.

I am really pleased and slightly shocked at the quality images this is generating.

It comes well packaged, not excessive, but really well protected.

If you are looking for a macro lens for your phone, and I was then I can truly recommend theĀ Apexel 20x HD Macro Lens, ease of use, quality of manufacture, I really do like this lens.