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The MARSBOY mini Bluetooth Speaker

I have put of buying one off these gadgets for a long time… I am heavy into “quality sound” and it annoys me that my kids use their “personal” music players to fill the house with their music… What part of personal are they missing?   Where did the headphones get mislaid!


Any way enough of my Grumpy Dad talk …

My wife and I are going away and we want to practice our dancing… well to dance requires music and headphones would seem impractical … especially as we Jive!

OK Lets cover the specs of this little beauty

MarsBoy Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Design And Specifications

  •  108g with a compact design,  
  • 4W  power, 
  • Enhanced bass resonator.
  • 3D Dynamic sound effect inside of this mini speaker.
  • ABS body covered by aluminium-alloy shell.
  • Translucent base shell.
  •  Anti-slip base.
  •  47mm x 47mm (WxH) .
  • 1800mAh 
  •  Bluetooth 4.0 gives compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  •  Connection up to 15 meters .

The Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Initial Impressions

Wow, frankly. As I said in the beginning, I really did not want to buy one of these, but a need arose. My wife and I are travelling on very tight weight limits and needed some way to listen to the same music at the same time to enable us to practice some dance moves, and so I hunted round Amazon.

There are very many to chose from but the Marsboy mini Bluetooth Speaker, stood out from the crowd, and is a prime product so even better

I bought on size, power, and I have to admit price.

This little beauty ticked all the boxes … I also figured that if it did NOT perform I could send it back and as it is a prime offer I would not even pay for the delivery.

Well no need to return it… The Marsboy mini Bluetooth speaker really does what it promises in the write up.

I know it is almost certainly one of very many generic devices … but this just grabbed my eye and it does actually perform very well.

My wife, always the cynic, said how is that tiny thing going to justice to Ruby Brown… But it does and she sounds great through this… so we can have as many practices of our dance routines and moves as we want in Malta without the old way of carrying a ghetto Blaster everywhere.

The Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker

First Use and Connectivity

Instructions are brief, but lets be honest, it has one button! As you turn it on it becomes “visible” to other bluetooth enabled devices, and ready to pair. It showed quickly on my phones bluetooth menu and pairing was straightforward.

Connection range is good, though why you would need the phone 15 metres away I am not sure, and NO I did not bother measuring the gap with a tape measure.

It connected fast and easy, and the sound was enough to fill our dinning room.

I am still in awe of the bass, I have always had a quality stereo in the house, and although this will NEVER compete with my Mordant shorts or the Tannoy speakers in the main living room… it really does do what it says it will and the sound is more than adequate for what I need … will it fill a room full of students in party Mode?

Have not got a clue, I doubt it … but it may well do.

If you are in the market for a mini bluetooth speaker, but actually want one that works feels solid, lasts more than one song without re-charging, ie one that is truly portable…

Then Look no further … In Fact just click the link below and grab one of these while the special price holds …

I am sure you will not be dissapointed

The Staroc Premium Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earphones

The Staroc Premium Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo EarphonesWhen I was offered another set of bluetooth earbuds for review, I was a bit wary.

The Staroc Premium Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earphones, looked
1) Very Bright, and
2) Very Uncomfortable…

I need not have worried, yes they are bright but it is good as it lets people see you are wearing headphones, I find this a blessing,the number of times I have answered a call with a bluetooth headset and had funny looks for “talking to myself” have been many… at least with these it is obvious what is going on.

But lets address the comfort from the outset. I looked at these with a mix of horror and foreboding. I had agreed to give them an honest review in exchange for a set of these, how could I review something that I could not even get into my ears.
Well not only am I happy to report that I can get them into my ears, but also that they are really comfortable, and fit my ears snugly, and fit tight.

They are shaped and come with detachable ear locks, which really do hold the buds in well.

The shaped buds themselves, expand as they go into your ears locking them in and also reducing external noise interference.

OK so a review of

The Staroc Premium Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earphones

Came on time, first and foremost I find this vital, … when I order from Amazon I want it … there and then really, so I tend to only order things that are available on prime, if it takes more than two days … forget it I will go to the shops.

Packaging was minimalistic, which I like, but it was secure.

Instructions are well laid out and clear to use… NB Give the head set a full charge before use…. I gave them 12 hours, although they showed as charged after 2 hours.

Pairing was easy and straight forward.

You can pair two phones and connect both at the same time, ( watch this, if you press redial, make sure the number you are redialing is on the right phone!)
I have them paired to my iMac, and my phone…

The head set works well with both, I love it on Skype, clear sound and the microphone is great. Certainly everyone I have talked to since having it have not suggested my sound has deteriorated in anyway.

The controls are a bit more fiddly than my plantronics headset… but I have to say the sound qualities more than make up for this tiny niggle, and the more I have used them the easier it has been …

In short, if you are looking for quality sound, in a wireless bud type ear phone, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Staroc Premium Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earphones


SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphone

SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphone Welcomed to my review of the  SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones…
The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones ~ What are they?

Exactly what they say they are, super lightweight blue tooth headphones. If you like to run or jog, or do other outdoor sport where it would be appropriate to have music with you, or speaking books, then these are the answer… No long wires, no lose buds to fall out all the time, these headphones ( which come with three sizes of ear piece ) stay put and sound great.

The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones are a dream come true for my daughter Molly, she loves to run every morning to get her metabolism going, and to keep fit. She is in her final year of school working really hard to get the university place of her choice, and so her daily exercise is essential to keep her fit and to also help her to concentrate. She uses headphones a lot, but when she was running she could not find a way of keeping the cables tidy, or from snagging whilst she was jogging.

So when I was approached by the guys at Soundpeats for a review of The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones, I jumped at the chance purely to see if Molly could get some benefit from them.

I have to tell you that I received these headphones at a substantial discount in exchange for my unbiased review, which, now Molly has started using them, I am very happy to give.

In a nutshell, Molly Loves them. The instructions were very easy to use, and she got them paired up to her iPhone in minutes, she gave them an overnight charge to start with, although the instructions clearly say 2 hours charge will give 6 hours use, we just feel first charge should be a big one.

The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones

What is in the box,

  • The Headphones
  • Great Instructions
  • A Choice of Three Ear Piece Sizes
  • Charge Cable
  • Cable Tidy Clips
  • A Small Net Bag ( to keep them in)

So how did Molly get on ?

She tried the three size ear pieces supplied and found the small to be the most comfortable, the others are good but the small are the snuggest fit for her.

First impression, good sound, high comfort,easy to use use, no cables to snag, complete freedom of movement. Perfect… on going I connected them to my samsung galaxy to have a quick listen, really impressed frankly, I used the medium earpiece for the sake of hygiene, they were very comfortable.

The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones ~ Living With them…

Molly has now connected these headphones to her laptop, and using them for watching videos, skype conversations, in fact everything you would use normal headphones for.

Molly is really pleased with them, they suite her needs and big bonus, because they have their own power supply she gets more life out of her phone battery than she does with normal buds as they use power to drive them.

She has also really got the huge benefit of the microphone, and call answer / control buttons, her phone just stays in the cradle and she is mastering the built in controls.

I have to say Molly really loves The SoundPEATS Q9 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones , using them in conjunction with her iPhone, and her Macbook, she uses them a lot with skype and facetime, as well as the more traditional headphone uses.

A Big 5 Stars From Molly, so if you are looking for some stylish high quality, comfortable sports blue tooth stereo headphones, Look No Further

Click here to Buy