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Mosiso Bohemian Style, Canvas Laptop Briefcase

Mosiso - Laptop Briefcase / HandbagThe Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase, is a great combination and snazzy style, and great practicality.

You will certainly never lose this case in the crowd, it is zany and magical looking.
The case is really well made and strong. It does a great job of protecting your lap top.

With a super soft interior, it will keep the factory finish that your lap top was given when it left the factory.

The Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase, is so colour full I loved it straight away. I have had a sleeve like this, but my son liberated that , and I was really pleased when Mosiso asked me to review this version. It has handles and is so much more than just a sleeve.

The Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase,

  • Outer canvas fabric of the case is printed with Bohemian style patterns that enable you to carry your MacBook / laptop / notebook / Ultrabook computer in a uniquely sleek style
  • Features a polyester foam padding layer and fluffy fleece fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental scratches
  • Slim and lightweight; does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag
  • Top handles of the case enable you to carry your laptop in comfort, and can tuck away in the pockets when not needed
  • Suitable for most popular 15 inch MacBooks; may not snugly fit all computers due to variations in the sizes of different models

I love the flexibility of this case, it is a carry bag and a sleeve, it protects and enhances I just love the look of it .

I was given a huge discount on this case, in exchange for my honest review…. I have to say I love it, I thoroughly recommend it…

Mosiso – Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve

Mosiso sleeveSince switching to Mac laptops a couple of years ago, I have been able to travel a lot lighter, I can run all day without a charger…. So? I no longer have the need for the suitcase I used to keep my old Toshiba in, with all its paraphernalia, of chargers, cables, external drives, assorted mice and wires… Mobile suddenly got a whole lot easier!
I have been looking for a simple, and different sleeve for my Macbook pro for a while now, there are a lot out there, but this one from Mosiso
just plain caught my eye, it is funky and I really love the jazzy pattern.

Mosiso – Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve ~ What is it?

Very Simply this is sleeve for your lap top/ notebook, they have various sizes My one is a 15 to 15.6 ” one and will fit any 15 ” lap top or notebook.

Made from a canvas fabric with a foam layer and a furry fleece lining, it protects your machine from occasional scratches and impacts, … it is NOT a hard shell, but does a good job to protect from every day knocks and scrapes.


Mosiso – Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve ~ What I didn't like.

As you know I am honest about the things I review, if they do not do what they claim to do or what they are designed for I will tell you, well this just works! I love the tight snug fit, I really love the pattern. If you do not like the colourful pattern then you will not like this sleeve. If you do you will. The thing fits my Mac perfectly, (LETs be brutal if it didn't you would have to worry simple enough shape to create!) So what is not to like?


Mosiso – Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve ~ What I  like.

Everything… the simplicity, the way it fits, the distinctive look. The top loading zip, even runs smoothly. The fabric feels durable, I guess only time will really tell, but the Mosiso Sleeve feels well made, looks well made and is at a great price, I really cannot find any more superlatives for such a great lap top sleeve.


Mosiso – Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve ~ Finally

I have to tell you, I was lucky enough to be offered this case at discount in exchange for my honest review, well here goes.

  • I wanted something that looked distinctive … TICK
  • I needed something that kept my laptop safe in my rucksack … TICK
  • I wanted something affordable … TICK
  • I wanted something durable and well made … TICK

If you are looking for something to hold your lap top safe, and you want it to be a reflection of you, as well as a practical thing then I suggest you need look no further.The Mosiso – Bohemian Style Laptop Sleeve , will full-fill your requirements… I suggest you look no further… This one works 😉