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The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod ~ Selfie Stick

The Archeer Self-portrait MonopodThe Archeer Self-portrait Monopod ~ A Selfie Stick… I have been toying with the idea for a selfie stick for a while, I had one in Australia last year, but it was massively expensive, the grips slipped, dropping my phone, and the separate button kept breaking, loosing the battery.


So to say the least I was wary, in fact I had given up on the idea of finding one that worked as promised, and resigned my self to using a small easel and blue tack to take videos of myself for my Vlog.

Any way I was approached by the manufacturers of The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod, They offered me a free sample in exchange for my unbiased review, I shared my previous experience and that I would be honest in the review. Fair play to them they have confidence in their product, and were very happy to go with the review process,but that obviously means I was given this product in exchange for my unbiased review, but please do not let that alter your opinion I will treat it as if I paid full price. OK  so here goes :-

This is My Review for

 The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod ~ The Selfie Stick


The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter, is a selfie stick. When I took it out of the packaging, ( which was basic, and easy to get the product from.) I was really pleased with the feel of it. The handle was a lovely solid thingthat had some decent size to it, my previous encounter in Australia had been like a kids golf club, hard plastic, this is ergonomically shaped, and fitted my grip really comfortably. Now I am naturally right handed, but the device is not ‘handed', and does feel equally comfortable in either hand. My Youngest daughter Molly is a left hander, and she has tried this stick and actually wants it from me, ( I think you guys just made another sale as I will not be relinquishing mine!) she gets on very well with it, so I do not believe your natural handed choice will impact the usability.

The Selfie Stick was fully charged when it arrived ( Big Bonus for that) so we were able to pair it to our phones straight away. I use a Samsung ( Android) and Molly uses an Apple iPhone 6. Both devices paired with ease. The Samsung knows that the zoom function is there, but will not respond to it, I am not sure why, but it certainly takes great pictures.

The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter is very well made. The camera grip is solid, there are no silly bits of chromed wire with flimsy rubber stuck on here. The phone is gripped safely, and very positively. It holds both my Samsung and Mollys iPhone the jaws extend from 53 to 81 mm. this one holds my Samsung in its “Armour Case”, another huge advantage for me over the Australian version

There is a good range of angle adjustment, but this is lockable when the desired position is achieved.

Now length, it extends from 20 cm all the way out to 100 cm or a metre. This is where I was sure it would fail, because my experience of selfie sticks in the past has been that when they are fully extended the phone / camera will not hold its position, they always droop under the stick.This is because of the telescopic nature of the extension, in that it has to move freely in and out. Well in the other models I have used, that has meant the extension tubes twist under the weight of the phone, rendering them useless.

On The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter, this problem is dealt with by the fact that the telescopic extension have a positive twist lock setting, so that as you achieve the desired length you lock the extension tube with a quick twist, and this holds the tube in place, both along its length and in  rotation, making this feel like a proper piece of equipment that is actually fit for purpose. In The following key areas

  • Build Quality
  • comfort during use
  • Ease of Pairing
  • Ease of use
  • Overall feel

The Archeer Self-portrait Monopod with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter is the highest scoring Selfie stick I have used or tested. Scoring 4's and 5's in all the above, I am struggling to actually find something I do not like,. The only small thing is a misprint, and a spelling mistake on the packaging, but that is all. In terms of operation, build and all the important factors I cannot fault this selfie stick

If you are on the look out for one … THAT WORKS   Look no further


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