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The ThorFire LED Camping Lantern

The ThorFire LED Camping LanternOK here is my review for the The ThorFire LED Camping Lantern. Now you will remember I was pretty ecstatic about a solar powered camping lantern I recently reviewed, so when I was sent this one I was pretty underwhelmed, it looked just the same, and I was pretty sure I would find very little to say about it…


As I  unpacked the ThorFire Camping Lantern, I was intrigued that the solar panel was missing, and in its place was a crank handle…. O M G A Clockwork Lamp!

The ThorFire LED Camping Lantern~ What is It?

The ThorFire Camping Lantern, is in fact a

Lightweight Rechargeable Camping Lantern, It can be charged from any USB port, it has an expandable body so it can quickly be converted from handy flash light, to a bright hanging latern. It has two power settings for brightness and on the higher setting it can be used for reading… I have tested it.

But that is where this device starts… it is so much more.

The fact that you can charge it via usb is one thing, but it can also be used as an emergency charger from the stored power in its own battery for your phone … BUT and this is the absolute clincher for me … if the battery is flat and you need to get power to your phone, The ThorFire LED Camping Lanternjust open the crank handle and start winding the power up… THIS is AWESOME..

I try not to get over effusive when I write reviews as they are obviously subjective, and by the way I have received this lantern at zero cost in exchange for my unbiased review, but do not let that distract you from my enthusiasm for this device. I absolutely love it.

I love simplistic ideas that come together to create a really useful, accessible, and  bloody good thing , the ThorFire Camping Lantern really ticks the boxes.

Now I know you will not get a full charge out of this lamp for a modern android or iPhone that will set you free to surf the net post videos and goodness what else these modern phones can do.

BUT and This is the point… It will give you more than enough charge to make an emergency call and to get your GPS working so you you KNOW where you are.

Yes I loved the solar lamp… But this clockwork version is the absolute best… they are both superb, but I believe that this one ticks that extra box in that you can have light ANYWHERE by simply winding the handle…


Thanks for the opportunity to review this product… if you are looking for a life saver in the wilderness  … You just found one

Buy Yours Here from Amazon.co.uk