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Qubic-Bath ~ Vibrant Shower Curtain

Qubic-Bath ~ Vibrant Shower CurtainOn the look out for a new shower curtain? Then look no further, The  Vibrant Shower Curtain, Strong, Durable and Mildew-Free, from Qubic-Bath, is tops. I have to be honest and admit we have been getting our recent ones from Wilkos.

We have gone through the expensive range at the high end stores, and the mid range from B & Q… and to be honest they all end up looking the same , wether you pay £33 or £3… So when we were offered an opportunity to try a different approach, to try a new idea in shower curtains, in exchange for an honest review, well I jumped at the chance.


The Qubic-Bath Vibrant Shower Curtain ~ What Is It?

Quite simply

  • Shower Curtain Made with
  • 100% Strong and Durable Ployester
  • is Mildew-Free,
  • Non-Toxic,
  • Non-Smelling,
  • No-Hardening
  • Very Pleasing to Touch, and
  • Look at

I find it rather odd to be getting quite this excited over a shower curtain, but you have to understand I have been sorely tempted to steal a Premier Inn one, and only my honesty has stopped me. I hate the cold clammy feel of the cheapy shower curtains. This really feels top top quality, and it looks pretty too.

The Qubic-Bath Vibrant Shower Curtain ~ What I didn't like

Do you know what, I hate this shower curtain, as it now means I have to redecorate the bathroom! It has been the last room to be “done” since moving in 18 years ago. It is a dingy horrible little room, with 1960's tiles and a, well frankly awful bathroom suite, The only thing going for it up to the arrival of the new shower curtain was the fact that the bath is actually cast iron, and simply does not flex when I sit in it.

Now though, even I have to admit that the room is beyond tired! It really does need an upgrade. So thanks for that!

The Qubic-Bath Vibrant Shower Curtain ~ What I Like

Oh right well lets just do a list

  • The feel
  • The look
  • The way it stays soft even when wet
  • It fits the bath
  • It promises NOT to MildewQubic-Bath ~ Vibrant Shower Curtain
  • Smells NIce
  • is machine washable
  • is easy to install
  • Came with it's own rings to make that installation easy peasy
  • My wife loves it !

The Qubic-Bath Vibrant Shower Curtain ~ To Conclude

Look I know we got this shower curtain at a massive discount in exchange for an unbiased review, but the thing has really made a huge difference to our bath room so much so that yes I actually do now WANT to decorate the room to bring it up to the same standard! how mad is that


So if you want to buy a lovely shower curtain yourself

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