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The Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher

Kitchen Discovery Egg PoacherHere is a neat idea,¬†Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher so pleased to be able to do this review…

Our old aluminium egg poacher has gone, it had a hole in the bottom after 28 years long service… it was the sort with the little dishes in the top and a base that holds the water, and mini ban-Marie if you will for poaching eggs.
Now I am aware that you can poach eggs successfully in a pot of water with a splash of vinegar, I know this because I worked in hotels for the first half of my working life, trained in hot kitchens and I do know HOW to poach eggs…


The open pan of water method can be messy you end up with a lot of snots hanging of the egg, which need trimming… it all gets a bit messy..

So when I was on the look for a new poacher I saw this Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher
and was lucky enough to be offered a set at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review… this is it… :-

My Review for The Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher

1) delivery was prompt, came bang on time,
2) Item was well packaged with concise instructions
3) We gave them a quick rinse and started using them straight away
4) They do a Great Job

Make sure you rub a little butter or oil around the inside of the pod, get your water boiling.
Add your eggs to the pod ( Do this on the bench not in the pan it is easier) add pods to water. Cook

It really is that simple.
Eggs turn out superbly each time, No snots not strings of guck in the pan, no nasty vinegar taste… perfect poached eggs.


The Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher ~ What I did not like

Not a lot to be honest, may be a four pack for a large family, I will be getting an additional set so I can knock out 4 at a time, for my wife and I …

The Kitchen Discovery Egg Poacher ~ What I did like

The fact that each egg could be taken out individually and “stopped ” when desired sloppiness was reached .. ( I like a runny yolk, my wife likes solid!)
So we can cook our eggs to our tastes.

Love the colour ( Wife hates it!) … but you are not going to lose these,

They are dishwasher safe , well made, good clean edges, and look to be pretty durable, but with a life time guarantee I do not see durability as any sort of issue.

Well priced

Great product, buy yours here