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Dusk® Apple MFI Certified 8 Pin USB Lightning Cable

Dusk® Apple MFI Certified 8 Pin USB Lightning CableThese cables are normally so fragile, my kids get through so many.

These USB Charger Cords are specifically for

  •  iPhone 6 Plus,
  • 5S 5C 5,
  • iPad 4,
  • iPad Air Mini Retina,
  • iPod touch 5th,
  • iPod nano 7th

Well I was offered this one at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review, so having gone through so many I jumped at the chance. Well I am very happy to report back now.

First and foremost this is Apple Certified, this gives me piece of mind, as I have been worried about the cheap imitations my kids use to save money. At least I know they will not overheat the adaptor, and start a fire.
This cable feels a lot more durable than the cheap imitations, and a lot more durable than even the original Apple one supplied.

It is USB2 to Lightning connector so will work with your iPhone or pad it is an 8 pin cable so will work equally well for data and charging.

I like this cable I know it seems silly, but I like the small touches,

It is easy to coil,
It does allow for fast data syncing,
It is a good length ( 1 Metre)

It is a simple cable… but I like how it feels, how it works, and hopefully how durable it will prove to be over the hundreds of others out there.

I have no hesitation in awarding it 5stars.

If you are looking for a replacement cable for your apple device, but are concerned about safety and durability…

Look no further.