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The Buddha Board

The Buddha Board…

Buddha BoardI was Introduced to this on A Wake Up Call Yesterday and Rich Reed From The DEA Events team ( Maestro) shared with us this great tool.

It is a fabulous Idea.

It is basically an Art Board that when you Paint or Draw on it with simple water …

You get an image but that image disappears when the water Dries out.

This is The product Description From Amazon

Paint a picture using just water then watch it slowly evaporate, leaving you with a clean slate.

Simply paint on the surface with water and watch your thoughts come alive.

As the water slowly evaporates, your creation fades, leaving the board clean and ready for new ideas.

Based on the Zen idea of living in the moment.

Includes brush; just add water; have a moment of Zen anywhere. “Magical” board records your thoughts before “freeing” them into the world.

I was enthralled at this way of dissipating any negative emotion, literally painting them out and watching them fade away.

I watched as Rich Described it and determined there and then to get one as it was a far better way of getting rid of emotions.

I loved the principle and Now I have one ( Thanks Amazon Prime )I love it even more …

In a convenient fold away “LapTop Style” This can travel any where with you

Lightweight and convenient It now sits in pride of place next to my computer

Ready to bring me back into the now

If you would like to own your own Buddha Board

They are available from Amazon.co.uk

Just click this link


I have only had mine for a morning and I love it already


Steve Greenhalgh