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My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother

Milk Frother This is my review for the My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother .

It is not the first time I have one of these little whisks, but I am already loving this one.

I am a big coffee drinker, ( English! I am big and I drink coffee,or,  I drink a lot of coffee!) and one of my personal goals is to have “still®” in my kitchen so I can steam milk to get the froth, but until then this little gadget does the job just as well.

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What Is It?

The My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother is a small, hand held, cordless whisk, with a built in tight spiral whisk. You can use this to aerate hot milk for your coffee, helping you to re-create lovely cappucinos and Latte's. It's long stainless steel whisk enables you froth for more than one portion at a time, and as it cordless, you are free to use it any where.

The handle is lovely soft grip, which is contoured to fit most hands, as a left hander by the way it felt comfortable to use in either hand, some thing I have had problems with in the past, in the right handed orientated word we live in.

TastyRunning off two AA batteries, which are included… LOOK IN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT, before stomping of to the battery drawer! They come sealed in plastic to make sure you can use them on arrival.

The long whisk and the power of the motor would mean you could use this for a multitude of kitchen tasks, like salad dressings, eggs, cream, you name it, if it is light and needs a whisk then this baby will do the job. A friend of mine used his for prepping epoxy resins in his work shop… just make sure you have a good solvent if you do this with yours, I would also suggest putting a collar of paper around the stem to prevent the glue entering the motor…


My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What I Do Not Like.

Not a great deal to be honest, the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow, and it does what it is meant to do

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, What I like


I love the handle of My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother , it is really comfy, it fits my hand well and is secure in my grip. The button is precise and cannot be hit accidentally as it is on the end not the side, the whisk wire comes off easily enough and is easy to rinse … I do not think I would use this for multiple flavours as I would worry that my coffee would taste of meringue, however priced as they are, I do believe I would buy more to have one for each job…Talking of buying I was very lucky to be able to get this one at a discount in exchange for my honest review, all that said I will buy another so I have one for coffee and one for Oils and Kitchen stuff… If you are looking to buy one You can click HERE

My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother, In Conclusion

If you are looking for a small hand held whisk, to either froth your milk or in fact for any other blending job, then I can highly recommend The My Kitchen Discovery~Milk Frother


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