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Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case

 Mosiso Envelope Laptop CaseThe Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case
was a perfect fit for my wife's Toshiba Laptop, she has a 15′ machine and it fits in this well made slim fit case like a hand in a  glove.

MY wife has just had a promotion at work and wanted something a little upmarket for the new role… I know may be a bit silly, to be so conscious of what is basically a tool to the job, but when searching for a new case this one stuck out …

It is available in a variety of colours, but my wife choose the dark charcoal.

The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case has a lovely feel to it, a luxurious lining to keep the machine safe

Tough outer layers to really make sure the machine is protected in transit.

The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case has slim fit pockets to each side complete this superb case with adequate storage for a day at work with room for a note book some dongles, and her slim power pack,

mosiso-envelope-laptop-caseA perfect fit for what my wife was looking for and I have to say a great price… we were fortunate top receive a substantial discount in exchange for our unbiased review.

A review I have to say I am very happy to give as The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case more than lived up to my wife's expectations and needs.


If you are looking for value for money and quality then I would say look no further


This case will do you proud . truly worth  the 5 stars I am giving it

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