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Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered, 10 LED Motion Sensor Light

Elivebuy® Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor LightMy Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor Light, arrived today. I am so pleased. I have been looking around for ages to find something like this, to add some light to a dark corner of the back patio. When I was also offered this version at a substantial discount, in exchange for my honest review, I really was grateful. However please do not let that fact devalue the review, I only offer truthful, and rigorous reviews of things I receive, as I see no point in reviewing something well if it just does not work or is not up to the job.

So, The  Review

Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor Light ~ What Is IT?

A solar powered, no wires, yard light, with 10 LED's, it is super efficient,

Rated at 200 Lumens,it runs of a 900 mAh recharge-able battery. The detection range is approximately 10 ft, and has a run time of nearly  12 hrs continuos off a single 6 hour charge.

Suitable for applications in your

  •  Patio,
  • Yard,
  • Garden,
  • Home,
  • Driveway,
  • Stairs,
  • Outside Wall –

It is ip65 Weatherproof  

It comes with full, and I have to say, clear instructions for installation and use, and a full fitting kit, screws and plugs. It was obvious to do, but I will mention, that both the solar panel and the LED's have a protective film over them for transit safety. I took both these off prior to installation.

As can be seen from the image, I attached it directly to the wooden fence at the side of our patio. It will provide a lovely pool of light just where we need it. I may in fact buy a second one to illuminate the gas bottles which are stored just around the corner… It is proving to be a great light source.

Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor Light ~ What I Don't like

I have to be brutal here and say that frankly there is nothing about this light I do not like. The instructions are really clear, the packaging is down to a minimum, the fixing is so easy I reckon any could do it, It is IP65 Rated. I may regret it during the winter if we get loads of cats coming into the Garden to play disco's but I do not think it will matter.

20150902_140425Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor Light ~ What I Like

  • Please see above 😉
  • Good Instructions
  • Easy Installation
  • Great appearance
  • Simple to use
  • Quality of manufacture is high
  • IP Rated
  • Good level of light provided
  • Excellent price for the quality

Over all I love the Elivebuy®,IP65 Weatherproof, Solar Powered 10 LED Motion Sensor Light and I thoroughly recommend it to you, if you are looking for a wireless, easy install, out side light…. I have to say the one major advantage this lamp has over it's competitors is that it has 10 LED's whilst most others come with 8 or less. I am really pleased with it, add to all this the security of full manufacturers warranty I have absolutely No problem recommending this lamp and happily award it 5 Stars

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