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Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger

Staroc - 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable ChargerThis is my review for the Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger.

Seen pictured here with my Galaxy S4. Big & chunky isn't it? Well with a charger of this nature I actually believe size matters.

I have discreet power packs, that My wife and daughter use, but for when I am out in my lorry . It runs on a 24 volt system, with limited outputs for 12 volt accessories. With the need for in cab recording devices sat navs, and good ness what else. I have found this power pack invaluable.

It has the capacity to run a sat nav for the day, it recharges my galaxy 3 times at least with my second man charging his iPhone as well… so the 13mAh's are truly in there…



Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger ~ What is it?

The Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger. is a portable power pack. The word power should be underlined. It is a very powerful piece of kit.

But there is Staroc Inteli-charge circuitry which allows the power-pack to identify the device you plug it into, to determine the optimum charge rate. It also stops overcharging, a key to extending your battery life.

From the product listing, these keys are the best features, and ones that I would be looking for :-


  •  Roll over image to zoom in Staroc - 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable ChargerOutput Over-Current Protection
  • Input Over Voltage Protection
  • Ant-reverse Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Over Charge and Over Discharge Protection
    • Huge Capacity: 13000mAh of capacity.
    • Charges the iPad Air once,
    • the Galaxy S5 over three times,
    • the iPhone 5s almost six times and other smartphones multiple times.
    • 4 Integrated LED indicators show Power status.
    • Superior Quality: Premium SAMSUNG cells
    • cutting-edge circuitry and a sturdy gloss exterior ensure reliability and safety. 

From the box it comes with a single micro-usb lead, which it is charged up by. you can obviously then charge your accessories with their own USB leads.

Two Parallel ports allow for simultaneous charging, which in the environment I was using it in I found to be essential.

Look I have to be honest, and say I received this Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger at a considerable discount, in exchange for my unbiased review. However it has more than lived up to the claims on the product listing. I value the review process, and only purchase stuff from Amazon after looking at product reviews, I would hate any one buying a duff product on a recommendation of mine.

The Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger, comes with no reservation. I absolutely love this charger.

It is robust, it feels well made. The flashlight is a bonus, one that I will probably not use as I have head torches leaving both hands free, but it does what it says will…. The thing has outlasted me on a 15 hour shift, and charged my phones and a sat nav during several busy days.

Living with it, and making it work, are the only trues tests, I believe… to make sure it is fit for purpose… it is … and the final safety net if you needed one… a no nonsense quibble free 18 Month warranty 

If you are in the market for a portable power pack, I absolutely recomend The Staroc – 13000mAh High Capacity Fast Portable Charger, it has not let me down yet and I do not imagine it will let you down either.