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Timberland Pro’s From Blueberry Workwear

Timberland Pros From Blueberry WorkwearI guess as we get older, we get stuck in our ways. I would love to have boots and shoes made to measure, as my feet are either bare whilst I live the life of a beachcomber, allowing my feet to spread. Or in my other incarnation as a lorry driver needing solid foot protection.
As I have aged so my feet have spread.

I have been wearing them to work in  for ten years now , prior to that I was in Cats, but, they ( Caterpillar) have either changed manufacturer or the pattern as I cannot get them onto my feet any more.
These Timberland Modern 6″ Safety Boot
fit straight out of the box, they are a good firm fit, with great protection. They do not feel like clown shoes ( Which every other pair do when I move up a size to compensate for width)… these fit in my actual size which is perfect…

I do not know what the difference is with these boots … but as we only get one pair of feet I am going to protect mine with quality footwear

Expensive? May appear so … but I WEAR these… the other cheap stuff gets left on the cab step and I unload in my driving pumps as the cheap boots are just too uncomfortable….

If you value your feet, and enjoy being comfortable ( I can happily wear these for 12 … even 14 hours…) then upgrade to a pair of Timberlands …

I also need to say That Blueberry Workwear who supplied these boots thro Amazon, did a great Job… Got them out really fast, delivered before due, well wrapped, with the possibility of hassle free returns if needed… which as usual with Timberlands It is not …

If you work in a PPE zone Then these boots will really protect your feet and add to your comfort…They will take a week to wear in… but once that is done it will be like wearing a second skin
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