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Mosiso – Brown Premium Quality PU Leather Book Cover Clip On Case for Apple 15 inch MacBook Pro

Mosiso Mac Book Pro CoverThe Mosiso Mac Book cover came really fast.

I do like the look of it, it fits well and I can access all the computers ports and control surfaces.

The stand in the base works really well, and makes the machine more comfortable to work on.

If I have any concern it is a possible heat ventilation. I do a lot of video editing on my laptop, and the machine really works hard, making it hot. Heat and computers do not go well together, so I suggest removing it from the cover f you are doing this sort of work, which is sad, but I think a realistic precaution.

I have not had this cover for long, so I cannot testify to durability, it looks and feels well made, which is great, and for the price I think it is very good value. If this opinion changes with use I will definitely let you know.

Mosiso Mac Book Pro Cover

Overall, even though I was given a considerable discount in exchange for my review, I have to rate this case at 5 stars.

  • It fits the machine well
  • It looks really smart
  • It makes the machine more comfortable to work on
  • I think it is good value for money

I would ( will have to ) buy one of these for the other Mac Books in the house. My daughter has  a smaller version otherwise I would have lost this one on day one  😉

5 Stars and worth it