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Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale

Just last week I reviewed a set of Digital Scales for The Guys at Smart Weigh.

In that review I mentioned that the first job I attempted with them was in my office.

I am and Amazon FBA Seller, and have Ebay Stores and do a lot of mailing one way or another, and the guys at Smart Weigh said

“Hey thanks for the review, did you know we do a postal scale that will take parcels as well? And would you like a set to review?”Smart Weigh Shipping & Postal Scales

I was very pleased to say yes, so here is my review for the  Smart Weigh Digital Shipping~ Postal Scales,

No it goes without saying that I was sent these scales specifically for review purposes. I did not buy them, however please do not let that detract from your take on this review. If I did not find the item value for money, or not good enough to use I would certainly either say, or more likely just say nothing. I see no point in posting 5 star reviews for everything… devalues the entire review process when people do that, however I feel you should know that I was very fortunate in not having to pay for these scales.

Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale ~ What Are They?

These Smart Weigh Digital Shipping~ Postal Scales, are exactly what they say they are. A sturdy set of platform scales with a hand held / or wall mounted control box and read out.

Straight away the advantage over the kitchen scales became obvious when I put my first parcel on. The screen readout and control is completely separate from the scales, so no precarious balancing of parcels on there to see what the readout is. They are accurate… yes I have been and compared my results to the scales at The Post Office. I know a bit sad, but it is important to know what things weigh as I also send by multiple other carriers, and have had many “Discussions” with Courier Companies over supposed re-weigh and extra charges.

Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale ~The Specification

  • Capacity 50Kg /110lbs
  • Multiple Measurement Modes, Pounds, Ounces, Kilogrammes or Grammes
  • Readability 2 g / 0.1 oz
  • Platform Dimensions 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches
  • Power 2 x AAA Batteries or Via USB lead ( Both included in the box)
  • The Control Box Can Be Hand Held or wall mounted
  • Has a great Lock Facility To Record the weight even when Parcel removed
  • Large and Clear LCD Screen Display


Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale ~ What I do Not Like!

I have had these scales in house for three days now, and used them everyday. I have yet to find anything that I do not like. As I said in my other review about the kitchen scales I really did want to find things wrong with them, as I wanted to keep using the old set of Avery kitchen scales we had inherited from my Mum. But again these do not beep excessively or cause any other problems and they do really work well.


Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale ~ What I Like

These Smart Weigh Digital Shipping~ Postal Scales, are bloody brilliant. I cannot think why I have been struggling along with a set of crap bathroom scales that wobble about, and give inaccurate readings.

I use precise tools in other areas of my life, why I have resisted so long with scales for postal and shipping weights I really do not know. These will even handle suitcases accurately, so no more taking stuff out of suitcases at Check in!

Seriously, these scales do work really well. At a tad under £30.00, I do not consider them expensive, and, I rate them really highly, for value for money, but even more so for ease of use. The readout is great, really clear and precise ( especially with the lock function) I have a post table in my office with a small shelf under the top work surface. Well the scales fit there comfortably and I am attaching the controller to the back of the bench, so they will always just there and ready.

Add to that the dual power option of Battery or USB, and these scales will truly be ever ready, at your hand ready to use.

Well Built, long warranty, sound company with good customer support should you need it… seriously … what is NOT to like?

Smart Weigh Ace 150 Digital Shipping~Postal Scale ~ To Conclude

Would I buy the Smart Weigh Digital Shipping~ Postal Scales? Resoundingly YES I would.

I was converted last week to digital scales with the small kitchen set. But these are just awesome. Really chunky and heavy, well made, precise, and to be honest, Sleek looking.

As they came out of the box I knew we had some serious tackle here, and boy did they live up to that promise.

As I say I have lived with them and used them for only three days, but I do a lot, and the difference and time saving alone with these scales is having an impact on my life… all that farting around with the bathroom scales… banished for ever thanks to these Smart Weigh Digital Shipping~ Postal Scales,


If you are in the process of selecting a set of office scales to improve your business / office efficiency, then Look no further

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