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Long Handled Shoe Horn ~ That Works

long handled shoe hornThis Long Handled Shoehorn arrived yesterday as scheduled. Simple packaging which I absolutely prefer.
The long handled shoe horn is just the right length for me, I can reach the backs of both shoes comfortably, and yet I will be able to get it into my overnight bag…

Now, although I did receive a discount on this Long Handled Shoehorn, in exchange for my unbiased review,  do not think that is my only reason for bothering to write this. I needed a new one and was on the look out for a quality item, that actually works, as I broke the last three I had bought.

I hate not having a long handled shoe horn, not because I wear silly tight shoes, but because I do not like damaging the heels of quality shoes by just kicking shoes on,. My pet peeve I suppose.

So Many of these so called long handled shoe horns are not much more than bendy sticks that do not have the strength to actually do the job intended. This is so not the case here … it is strong enough and well formed, and comfortable to use too…

The bright yellow means I will not be losing it … excellent


If You would like to purchase one of these long handled shoe horns Follow this link below