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The Umigal 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle

Umigal Water InfuserThis is my review for the UmiGaL 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle.

Now I will be honest. I didn't have  a clue why I would want one, when I would use it, or even how I would use it. However I have two daughters one who is 22 and away from home, and one 17 and still living with me.

They are both keep fit fanatics and when I was offered one of these bottles at a huge discount in exchange for an unbiased review, I was reluctant, but Molly said “Oh God… Yes Dad, Please I have been looking for one. Sarah ( my elder daughter ) has one and I really want to get one.

So here I am relating what is great about this bottle, and just how awesome it is….

Apparently reaping the reward and getting a bottle to test will only please Molly. I have to still do the typing!

So a joint review on the UmiGaL 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle

The Umigal 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle ~ What is it?

The UmiGaL 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle is basically a bottle with a tea strainier built into it that holds cut fruit of your choice. This is immersed into plain water. Molly insisted on mineral water. Still or sparkling would do, or filtered water from the tap.

By Placing the fruit inside the strainer, the flavour and the goodness goes into the water, and you get the benefits of the goodness and the taste.

Holds 800ml in total including fruit. With a leakproof top Molly uses hers on runs and in the gym.

The Umigal 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle ~ What I Do Not Like

Right this bit is tricky because to be fair I am not using it, Molly is, and she loves it.

From my honest perspective , I really thought…”What an absolute faff!”

I was truly of the opinion that it would be a fad , and after a day or two we would be back to the pretty pink bottles of water from Tescos… but NO…

Molly really uses it, now she may not use fresh fruit every day, because she cheats and uses herbal tea bags ( Look they are not tea bags they are infusions!) but because she is in charge she can make her own up, and she does, every day, I am really impressed.

Her Favourite is lemon and ginger with a pure blackcurrant, she leaves them to infuse for 30 minutes, takes them out and tops up the bottle.  Actually quite refreshing. So she is using it, and it is not as messy as I initially thought it would be.

The Umigal 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle ~ What I Do Like

  1.  She uses it ~ Everyday
  2.  It is easy to use and keep clean
  3.  To be fair it is really cool looking
  4.  The Variety, it blew me away when Molly started using the Tea Bags
  5. How simple it is to use
  6. I really get the importance of staying hydrated, and although I may not be the healthiest being on the planet I do start the day off right with a pint of fresh water every morning.
  7. Anything that helps keep my girls happy and healthy is fine with me

The Umigal 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle ~ Finally

Look I am sure there are other infuser bottles on the market, I was as I said earlier given a substanial discount in exchange for my / our review.

Molly loves it, she really does. I am impressed how much she has used it already, up to now she was making her drinks up in an old pyrex measuring jug, and a plastic sieve. So the  UmiGaL 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle, is an absolute God send as far as she is concerned, and for me too, as it a lot less mess to tidy up after … she may hydrate, but she is still a teenage girl!


If You are looking for an infuser bottle I can truly recommend this one, and give a great 5 stars, Molly certainly thinks it is the business, so who would I be to disagree…


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