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Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad – 2 Pack – 1 Red – 1 Blue – by Draw-Sharp

sharpenerI love these little Knife Sharpeners, I have had one in the kitchen for many years.

The last one sat on the boiler for a long time, always there to give any knife a quick lick and resharpen… I do not see the point of having quality knives if they are not sharp… this device is just what you need. It makes sure the angle of sharpening is constant, where as if you use a steel that angle may vary slightly every time you sharpen, thus not actually sharpening the blade.
The Knife Sharpener sticks well to many surfaces, I stick mine to the top of the boiler casing but it does stick well on fridges or ceramic tiles.

Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad~ What is it?

The Knife Sharpener is a precise little device. It has three major parts.

It has a suction mount, to stick it to your work surface.

A guide to make sure your blade is always presented to the sharpening surface at the same angle, each time you use it.

And a pair of Tungsten Steel sharpening stones set in a way that all blades are sharpened accurately.

Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad ~ What does it do?

This little device will sharpen all types of kitchen blades,

  • Serrated knives
  • fruit knives
  • Cleavers
  • Carvers
  • Veg Knives
  • Scissors
  • Gardening Blades

A very versatile knife sharpener, and the beauty of this pack is that you get two. So one for the food utensils and one for the gardening implements.


Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad ~ What I didn't like

Not a huge amount to be honest, it has everything I need. The way it fixes to work surfaces, and even fridge doors. The only down side is I am now not the only one who can sharpen the knives so I may be redundant! My wife can sharpen which is some thing she has not been able to do before… seriously  the only word of caution I would offer… do not put lots of pressure on the blade as you draw back as the tungsten is harsh and will seriously reduce the blade… just read the instructions and use gentle strokes … and you will be fine this is the only thing I can find wrong with this device, and if you use it properly it is not even a fault.

Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad~What I like!

Simply this thing works! It makes sure your knife blade is always presented to the sharpening stone at the same angle each time you use it so the blades are always kept accurate and so sharp… what else can I say? They do what they are meant to and wait … YOU GET TWO! Awesome 😉


Knife Sharpener – Tungsten Steel with Suction Pad ~ To conclude

The fact that there are two means you can have one in the kitchen and one elsewhere. I have my second one in the shed attached to the work top out there so I do not bring gardening knives into the kitchen.

Although I received these at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review, I have to say I would have bought these anyway. As I said my last one was wearing out, and the sucker was not as sticky as when it was new ( not bad for 5 years!)

I like mine to be ready for use so it is out all the time attached to the top of the boiler next to the butchers block, but you can keep them in the knife drawer, if you like to have your knives kept in good condition this is the sharpener for you…

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