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In Car Phone Holder Mount For Use With Smart Phones and Android Devices

In Car Phone HolderThe In Car Phone Holder arrived safe n sound and on time.
My first impression was good the item looks the same as the pictures, and then when I fitted to my windscreen and added my phone … delight! It actually does what it is meant to do… I have tried so many phone holders recently, and although I did get a discount on this one in exchange for my review , let me say now … this works so it would be worth the full purchase price.



In Car Phone Holder~What I Like

Well the fact that I can put my phone in the holder in its armour case, that it allows all the buttons and lenses to work, so I lose non of the phones functionality, and yet keep the phone secure. Perfect

I am using this In Car Phone Holder with a Samsung Galaxy, but my son has an iphone and it holds that, and this is the main reason for buying a holder like this, it means we can share holders. I hate the old style holders when you have to use a holder specific to the phone. My wife has a Motorola( Why?) I use samsung and the Kids ( Who unfortunately still share the car) all use iPhones.

This means that this one holder works for them all… which is the absolute best news.

The pack came with a lovely helpful note from the seller, which adds confidence, and all in all I have to say I really like this product. Worth the 5 stars I have given it…


To buy this In Car Phone Holder follow this link