The Avantek CD Slot Phone Holder

The Avantek CD Slot Phone HolderI have given this holder 4 stars, simply because it relies on not needing to use the CD player in my car. I never would,but, MY wife on the other hand does nothing but play CD's in the car, so if we travel together my phone holder would be US.

The Avantek CD Slot Phone Holder… What I Like

1) I love the fact that this holder does not need to be stuck to the window. I hate having stickers all over the window blocking my view of the road. As an HGV driver I am acutley conscious of all the blind spots, to add to these to see your phone I find … well, Barking, Frankly!

2)That I can put the magnetic tag inside the back of my phone security case, I do not need to glue it on in anyway.

3) It does come with plenty of 3 m stickers to enable me to stick it on if I need it.

4) It does not fall off… well it hasn't yet! I am not entering the RAC rally or anything, but I have tried vent mounts, stickies you name it… they all … ALL, fall off… to date, this one hasn't!

The Avantek CD Slot Phone Holder… What I Do Not Like

Mainly that My wife removes it when she wants to listen to her music, but to be fair she can deal with the phone if she is there, so I do not really need it.
I am slightly concerned that it may damage the CD player… but as of now it hasn't.

The Avantek CD Slot Phone Holder…Overall

It doesn't fall off, the phone just clips right on with magnet really easy, and the phone stays in the position you put it in so you can read the screen ( When Stationary … Obviously)

I like it, the only down side that stops me awarding the full 5 stars is the fact that I am not sure yet that it will not damage the CD player… It is ok to date so I am confident that it will be fine… I would not have inserted it, if for one minute I really thought it would cause damage.

IF you want a phone holder that works, and that does not impinge on your view through the windscreen … Grab this while it is still on offer … I was offered this one at a bigger discount in exchange for my honest review, I hope this helps you decide. It certainly holds my Galaxy in place, and I would recommend it for iPhones too

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