TruWise Selfie Stick

TruWise Full Function Selfie Stick

TruWise Selfie StickThis is my review for the TruWise Bluetooth Selfie Stick .

I have been looking for a new one for a while, as the jaws on the old one were becoming, er less grippy, and I find it disconcerting to say the least to put a £700 piece of tech on the end of a £10 stick, and waft it over the edge of a skyscraper.

That said I was becoming more dissatisfied with the last one as the controls were clunky and not really compatable to the phones I was using.

So When I was able to try the newTruWise Bluetooth Selfie Stick  I jumped at the chance.

I was looking for

  • Better Camera Controls
  • Security for my equipment
  • More versatility
  • Long Life

So when I saw that the TruWise Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes in aluminium, and with a full bluetooth control system I was tempted, but couple that with a life time warranty and the ability to integrate this stick with my tripod, and I was sold.

The Controls

By utilising a purpose built app Available from either the play store or the iPhone App Store the camera is as fully functional as if you were holding it. You can switch easily from front to back camera ( great for periscope) zoom controls all work, switch from still to video all via the remote.

The Remote is neat and very precise and is chargeable via mini usb. The Best part though is it is detachable. I found this as a real bonus on a recent periscope as I was able to set the phone on a tripod and move away completely and yet remain in control … Fantastic


Attaching the phone is straightforward, the jaws are the usual spring loaded affair, but the grip is upgraded and better attached, (My first lost it’s soft grip after a day) The adjustment controls are precise, the camera /phone does not sag over to one side, and you are in control of the tech which is, after all, the most important thing.

Increased Versatility

I use video a lot and I have always struggled to get my phone in a position where I can do face to camera work with no shake. With the TruWise Bluetooth Selfie Stick , this is solved as the selfie stick attaches directly and easily to my tripod, HUGE BONUS.



I have been using the stick everyday for the last 2 weeks, and it is a seamless integration into my tools bag. The jaws are still strong and the soft rubber grips still intact. I forsee a longlife for this tool. All that said the TruWise Bluetooth Selfie Stick, comes with a life time warranty, so total piece of mind.

To Summarise 

A selfie stick is, at the end of the day, a selfie stick.

  • What makes this one stand out?
  • It is well made
  • It has the fab little remote
  • far better functionality of all the controls ( The phone is fully usable)
  • It integrates with my other equipment
  • It is compact,lightweight, and reasonably priced

I have to say that I was given a substantial discount in exchange for my unbiased review, that said though after 2 weeks of use, I would really miss it, it has become a much used, and trusted piece of kit in my Video/photo equipment bag, and I will be using it for a long time to come.

If you are looking for a quality selfie stick that keeps you in control of your phones camera … Look No Further

Mosiso Bohemian Style, Canvas Laptop Briefcase

Mosiso - Laptop Briefcase / HandbagThe Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase, is a great combination and snazzy style, and great practicality.

You will certainly never lose this case in the crowd, it is zany and magical looking.
The case is really well made and strong. It does a great job of protecting your lap top.

With a super soft interior, it will keep the factory finish that your lap top was given when it left the factory.

The Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase, is so colour full I loved it straight away. I have had a sleeve like this, but my son liberated that , and I was really pleased when Mosiso asked me to review this version. It has handles and is so much more than just a sleeve.

The Mosiso Bohemian Style Canvas Laptop Briefcase,

  • Outer canvas fabric of the case is printed with Bohemian style patterns that enable you to carry your MacBook / laptop / notebook / Ultrabook computer in a uniquely sleek style
  • Features a polyester foam padding layer and fluffy fleece fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental scratches
  • Slim and lightweight; does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag
  • Top handles of the case enable you to carry your laptop in comfort, and can tuck away in the pockets when not needed
  • Suitable for most popular 15 inch MacBooks; may not snugly fit all computers due to variations in the sizes of different models

I love the flexibility of this case, it is a carry bag and a sleeve, it protects and enhances I just love the look of it .

I was given a huge discount on this case, in exchange for my honest review…. I have to say I love it, I thoroughly recommend it…

Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case

 Mosiso Envelope Laptop CaseThe Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case
was a perfect fit for my wife’s Toshiba Laptop, she has a 15′ machine and it fits in this well made slim fit case like a hand in a  glove.

MY wife has just had a promotion at work and wanted something a little upmarket for the new role… I know may be a bit silly, to be so conscious of what is basically a tool to the job, but when searching for a new case this one stuck out …

It is available in a variety of colours, but my wife choose the dark charcoal.

The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case has a lovely feel to it, a luxurious lining to keep the machine safe

Tough outer layers to really make sure the machine is protected in transit.

The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case has slim fit pockets to each side complete this superb case with adequate storage for a day at work with room for a note book some dongles, and her slim power pack,

mosiso-envelope-laptop-caseA perfect fit for what my wife was looking for and I have to say a great price… we were fortunate top receive a substantial discount in exchange for our unbiased review.

A review I have to say I am very happy to give as The Mosiso Envelope Laptop Case more than lived up to my wife’s expectations and needs.


If you are looking for value for money and quality then I would say look no further


This case will do you proud . truly worth  the 5 stars I am giving it

To Buy Yours Click Here

Marsboy Universal Mount Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell Phones

Marsboy Universal Mount Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell PhonesI have recently been asked to test the Marsboy Universal Mount Holder Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell Phones, I was given a substantial discount for my purchase in exchange for my review,, and I have to say straight of the plate, I am impressed…

I do quite a lot of Video recording and skype calls using my phone, and I can never find just the right place to put it where it will stay , secure and safe. and yet be usable and give an accurate image, with no wobble or shake.

I have selfie sticks but sometimes I want to do a demonstration with my hands doing some thing on the table or in the car. Well with a selfie stick that is just not possible, and other tripods have never been secure  or flexible enough.

Enter The Marsboy Universal Mount Holder Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell Phones… What a revelation, this flexy armed clamp, bracket, stand, mount… call it what you like is so versatile,

Marsboy Universal Mount Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell PhonesYou can

  • clamp it to the desk,
  • wear it round your neck,
  • clamp to the car
  • use it as a selfie stick
  • use it to capture images of the desk or you or both
  • zoom in
  • zoom out
  • change camera position


Marsboy Universal Mount Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell PhonesI love this  Marsboy Universal Mount Holder Flexible Adjustable Long Arm for Cell Phones, it is a very freeing accessory, lovely to use, simple, and it even rolls up flat when you have finished with it .


All in all a very versatile piece of equipment that has set my phone camera usage free.


The packaging, the instructions, the build, even the price all go together to persuade me to give a 5 Star rating to this lovely piece of kit .


I love it  If You would like buy one

Click here

Mosiso Black Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro

Mosiso Black Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro This is my review for the Mosiso Black Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro.

So you just spent upwards of two grand on a new mac book pro, Congratulations… well would like to keep it in the same condition as today for the rest of it’s life?

Well now you can… My son just invested in his first Mac Book. So when I was offered this case in exchange, for my honest review, I literally jumped at the chance.

These are like hard cases for iPhones. Put them on and forget. They are NOT travel sleeves or a carry case. These stay for life and protect the body of your new mac.

With a lovely soft feel, you are able to grip the computer when taking it out of the bag, you can site it safely on the case’s feet, NO SLIPPING HERE, and with all the ports easily accessible you are using the computer as it was intended.

Heat can be the death of computers, but with the Mosiso Black Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro, all the venting is able to breath with more than adequate slots in the case. I always run the a vacuum cleaner nozzle over my lap top vents once a month anyway, so just do this with the case on. It can really help prolong lap top life span.

My son loves it, especially as you can still see the apple logo light up under the case when you flip open the machine.

Like I said, this is not a carry case, this is life time armour for you mac, think about it, you spent £2000 on the thing isn’t it worth a bit of protection?

MY son Loves his Mosiso Black Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro, he has had it over a week now, it fitted well, and shows no sign of wearing or coming lose.

The Actual case comes in two halves, top and bottom, they snap on, and do not inhibit the machines use in any way… I thoroughly recommend you grab one of these … BUT due to the specific fit of these cases

Please make sure you order the correct model for your Mac Book these cases have to be a very precise fit to do the job they are intended to do. SO DOUBLE CHECK THE LISTING.

To Buy Yours on Amazon

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